Transport pets from the top of Hanoi office to New Taipei city at ASIAPATA

Transport pets from the top of Hanoi office to New Taipei city at ASIAPATA
Are you worried about transporting your beloved pet from Hanoi to New Taipei city? ASIAPATA is the perfect solution for you.
With experience and dedication, we provide safe, professional and convenient pet transportation services, helping your pet have a comfortable and worry-free journey.
At ASIAPATA, we understand that a pet is not just a pet but also a member of your family, so we are committed to providing the best care during transportation.

Transport pets from the top of Hanoi office to New Taipei city at ASIAPATA
Transport pets from the top of Hanoi office to New Taipei city at ASIAPATA

Pets are transported from Hanoi to New Taipei
ASIAPATA provides a variety of pet transportation services from Hanoi to New Taipei city, ensuring the best safety and care for all types of pets. Below are the popular types of pets we transport:
Pet Dogs: Like Poodle, Pomeranian, Chihuahua, and Shih Tzu.
Large Dogs: Like Golden Retriever, Labrador, German Shepherd, and Husky.
Working Dogs: Includes dog breeds trained for special tasks such as police dogs, guide dogs for the visually impaired.
Domestic Cats: Like Munchkin cats, Persian cats, British shorthair cats, and Siamese cats.
Long-Haired Cats: Like Maine Coon and Ragdoll cats.
Canh Bird: Like parrots, flutes, canaries, and phoenix birds.
Hunting Birds: Includes birds of prey such as falcons.
Species Nibble
Hamsters: Like Campell Dwarf Hamsters, Roborovski Hamsters.
Guinea Pig: Includes different breeds of guinea pigs.
Rabbits: Ornamental rabbit breeds such as Dutch dwarf rabbits and Angora rabbits.
Snake Scene: Like corn snake, king snake.
Lizard: Like Leopard Gecko, Australian ground dragon (Bearded Dragon).
Other Small Animals
Ornamental hedgehogs: Common ornamental hedgehogs included.
Small Animals: Such as ornamental mice and ornamental squirrels.
Aquarium fish: Includes goldfish, Betta fish, neon fish, and other freshwater and saltwater aquarium fish.

Transport pets from the top of Hanoi office to New Taipei city at ASIAPATA
Transport pets from the top of Hanoi office to New Taipei city at ASIAPATA

Process of transporting pets from Hanoi office to New Taipei at ASIAPATA
ASIAPATA provides a professional pet transportation process, ensuring the safety and comfort of your pet from Hanoi to New Taipei city. Below are the detailed steps in our shipping process:
Step 1: Consulting and Registration
Initial Consulting: Customers contact ASIAPATA to receive advice on pet transportation requirements and conditions. We will provide detailed information about the process, costs and necessary documents.
Service Registration: Customers register for pet transportation and information services, including type, breed, age, and health status.
Step 2: Prepare Documents and Check Your Health
Health Check: Pets will have a comprehensive health check by a veterinarian to ensure they meet international shipping standards. Customers need to provide a pet health certificate.
Document Preparation: ASIAPATA assists customers in preparing necessary documents such as pet passports, health certificates, and customs documents.
Step 3: Plan Transportation
Detailed Planning: We make detailed plans about the time, means of transportation, and route to transport pets from Hanoi to New Taipei.
In-Flight Reservations: ASIAPATA in-flight reservations are tailored to your pet’s conditions and needs, ensuring a safe and comfortable flight.
Step 4: Prepare for Shipping
Transportation Barn Preparation: We use specialized cages that meet pet safety and comfort standards. The barn is fully equipped with food, water and suitable space.
Customer Guide: ASIAPATA teaches customers how to prepare their pets for the journey, including diet and familiarization with the transport cage.
Step 5: Transportation and Tracking
Transportation To Airport: Pets are transported from the ASIAPATA office in Hanoi to the airport with close supervision.
Journey Monitoring: We monitor the transportation process from departure to arrival, ensuring the pet is always in the best condition.
Information Update: ASIAPATA provides itinerary updates to customers, including takeoff and landing times and pet status.
Step 6: Get Pets at New Taipei
Pet Forwarding: After arriving at the airport in New Taipei, the pet will be forwarded and last checked before being returned to the owner or recipient.
After-sales Support: ASIAPATA continues to support customers in caring for and helping pets adapt to the new environment at New Taipei.
ASIAPATA is committed to providing you and your pets with a safe, professional and reliable transportation experience. Let us take care of your pet throughout the journey from Hanoi to New Taipei city.

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