International Pet Shipping From Vietnam To EUROPE

Những Giấy Tờ Cần Phải Cung Cấp Khi Vận Chuyển Thú Cưng Đi Quốc Tế???

According to the introduction, our pet transportation service is professional and swift, offering nationwide and international coverage. We ensure absolute safety for your furry companions throughout their journey. Our experienced team is well-versed in legal and health regulations pertaining to pet transportation, ensuring your peace of mind when entrusting your pets to us. Please contact us for further information and to arrange transportation for your beloved pets!

What regulations need to be followed when transporting pets?

  1. What should pets prepare before traveling?
  2. Which means of transportation is most suitable for pet transportation?
  3. How to reduce stress for pets during transportation?
  4. Is it advisable to hire professional pet transportation services?
  5. What safety measures need to be applied when transporting pets by air?
  6. How to manage a long-distance journey with pets?
  7. What should be considered when transporting pets across borders?

There are many questions surrounding the transportation of pets from Vietnam to foreign countries. Let’s find it out now.!!!

International Pet Shipping From Vietnam To EUROPE

International Pet Shipping From Vietnam To EUROPE
International Pet Shipping From Vietnam To EUROPE

Some note if you want to moves your pets to europe:

  1. Research import requirements for your destination country in Europe.
  2. Ensure your pet is microchipped for identification purposes.
  3. Vaccinate your pet against rabies and other required diseases, obtaining a health certificate from a licensed veterinarian.
  4. Use an approved pet travel container with sufficient space and proper labeling.
  5. Plan travel arrangements carefully, considering factors like temperature restrictions and flight duration.
  6. Help your pet acclimate to their travel container before the journey.
  7. Pack comfort items such as blankets or toys for your pet.
  8. Ensure someone monitors your pet during transit and upon arrival in Europe.
  9. Be prepared to comply with any quarantine or entry requirements.
  10. Consider hiring a professional pet transportation service specializing in international travel for assistance.

These guidelines will help ensure a safe and smooth journey for your pet when transporting them to Europe.

Which means of transportation is most suitable for International Pet Shipping?

International Pet Shipping From Vietnam To EUROPE
International Pet Shipping From Vietnam To EUROPE


  1. Air Travel: Airlines often have specific regulations and procedures for pet transport. Some airlines allow small pets to travel in the cabin with their owners, while larger pets may need to travel in the cargo hold.
  2. Hand-carry service: Pets flying on the same flight as the owner: Quarantine inspection, parasite cleansing certificate, rabies vaccination certificate, blood test (if required), microchip, export/import documentation. On the day of the flight, the owner pays the pet’s weight fee to the airline so that they can be placed in the luggage compartment.

    How to reduce stress for pets during International Pet Shipping ?

  3. Familiarize Them with Travel Containers: Gradually acclimate your pet to their travel crate or carrier well in advance of the flight.
  4. Comfort Items: Place familiar blankets, toys, or clothing with your scent in the travel crate to provide comfort.
  5. Familiarize Them with Airline Procedures: Ensure your pet is accustomed to being handled and inspected as per airline regulations.
  6. Visit the Vet: Schedule a visit to the veterinarian before travel to ensure your pet is healthy and fit for the journey.
  7. Proper Identification: Ensure your pet has a secure collar with identification tags and consider microchipping for added safety.
    International Pet Shipping From Vietnam To EUROPE
    International Pet Shipping From Vietnam To EUROPE
  8. Adequate Exercise: Give your pet plenty of exercise before the flight to help reduce anxiety and promote relaxation.
  9. Calming Techniques: Consider using pheromone sprays, calming treats, or supplements recommended by your veterinarian.
  10. Stay Calm: Remain calm and composed during the check-in and boarding process to help reassure your pet.
  11. Monitor Temperature: Ensure that the temperature in the cargo hold or cabin area is suitable for your pet’s comfort.
  12. Post-Flight Care: Provide a quiet and familiar environment after the flight and monitor your pet for any signs of stress or discomfort.

    The process of transporting pets, dogs and cats to EUROPE when customers use services at to ASIAPATA includes:

    1. Call, contact the customer to advise on the breed of the pet to be transported, the size of the cage, the shipping fee as well as the accompanying procedures (free consultation).
    2. Pet lap size test: Customers can bring their pet to our office or we will bring the cage to the customer’s house to measure your pet.
    3. After determining the exact size of the cage, ASIAPATA will draft and sign a pet transportation contract with the customer.
    4. During the contract signing process, customers need to deposit 50%-80% of the contract value for us to carry out the procedures for you. At this point, customers can rest assured, our company will complete the remaining procedures
    5. Procedures to complete the procedures as well as book flights need 2-3 working months from the date of signing the contract
    6. Finally, you only need to deliver your pet to ASIAPATA 1-2 days before the flight date.

How to manage a long-distance International Shipping with pets?

International Pet Shipping From Vietnam To EUROPE
International Pet Shipping From Vietnam To EUROPE

We (ASIAPATA) provide the most professional and safest service for your pets, including:

  1. Continuous monitoring and care for your pets throughout the journey.
  2. Regular updates on the health, timing, and feeding schedule of your pets.
  3. A service deeply committed to the safety of your pets

Banned breeds:

International Pet Shipping From Vietnam To EUROPE
International Pet Shipping From Vietnam To EUROPE

Below is a list of banned pet breeds when entering Europe.

  1. Pit Bull Terrier
  2. American Staffordshire Terrier
  3. Staffordshire Bull Terrier
  4. Rottweiler
  5. Tosa Inu
  6. Akita Inu
  7. Dogo Argentino
  8. Fila Brasileiro
  9. Cane Corso
  10. Wolf-dog hybrids
    Please remember to check the specific regulations of the country or region you are traveling to, as regulations may vary depending on the location.