Transport pets from Hanoi office to Chinese provinces in ASIAPATA

Transport pets from Hanoi office to Chinese provinces in ASIAPATA
ASIAPATA is proud to provide pet transportation services from its office in Hanoi to Chinese provinces with professionalism and dedication.
We understand that pets are not just pets but also important members of your family.
Therefore, ASIAPATA always strives to ensure that each journey is safe, comfortable and most convenient for pets.

Transport pets from Hanoi office to Chinese provinces in ASIAPATA
Transport pets from Hanoi office to Chinese provinces in ASIAPATA

Pets are allowed to be transported from Hanoi to China
ASIAPATA provides transportation services for many types of pets from Hanoi to Chinese provinces, including:
Dogs: Small, medium and large dog breeds are all accepted for transport. In particular, we focus on ensuring the safety and comfort of dogs throughout the journey.
Cats: Cats are also transported with special safety measures to ensure their comfort and peace of mind.
Pet birds: Pet birds such as parrots, canaries, and other small birds can be transported with specialized cages to ensure safety.
Other small pets: Including rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs and other small pets. We use specialized cages and transport boxes to ensure the safety and comfort of our pets.
Before transporting, your pet needs to be health checked, fully vaccinated and have a health certificate from the veterinary agency. ASIAPATA is always ready to advise and assist you in completing the necessary procedures to ensure your pet is transported safely and smoothly.
Process for transporting pets from Hanoi to provinces in China at ASIAPATA
At ASIAPATA, the process of transporting pets from Hanoi to provinces in China is carried out professionally and meticulously to ensure the safety and comfort of pets. This process includes the following steps:
Consulting and planning:
Consulting: ASIAPATA provides detailed consulting services on pet transportation requirements and procedures, including necessary documents such as health certificates and vaccination certificates.
Planning: We will plan the transportation to suit the time and condition of the pet as well as the customer’s requirements.
Health check and vaccination:
Health check: Pets will be health checked by professional veterinarians to ensure they are fit for the trip.
Vaccination: Make sure your pet has been vaccinated with all necessary vaccines according to regulations.
Prepare for shipping:
Transport cages: We use specialized transport cages and boxes to ensure your pet’s safety and comfort.
Tagging and information: Each pet will be tagged with all necessary information for easy management during transportation.
Customs procedures and documents:
Customs procedures: ASIAPATA will assist in completing the necessary customs procedures to ensure smooth transportation.
Documents: Make sure all documents related to your pet’s transportation, health and vaccinations are fully and accurately prepared.
Transportation by air or road: Depending on the distance and conditions, we will choose the appropriate means of transportation to ensure the pet is moved safely and quickly.
Supervision during transportation: Our team will closely monitor the transportation process to ensure pets receive the best care.
Handing over pets:
Pick up your pet at destination: Upon arrival, the pet will be health-checked and handed over to the owner safely and quickly.
Post-transportation support: ASIAPATA provides post-transportation support, including advice on pet care after arrival at the new destination.
With a meticulous and professional process, ASIAPATA is committed to providing safe, effective and reliable pet transportation services to customers.

Transport pets from Hanoi office to Chinese provinces in ASIAPATA
Transport pets from Hanoi office to Chinese provinces in ASIAPATA

Notes when transporting pets from Hanoi to China
Transporting pets from Hanoi to China requires careful preparation and compliance with many regulations. Below are important notes that you need to know when using pet transportation services at ASIAPATA:
Prepare necessary documents:
Health certificate: Pets need a health certificate issued by a veterinarian, certifying that they are healthy enough to be transported.
Vaccination certificate: Pets need a certificate certifying that they have received all necessary vaccines, especially rabies vaccines.
Pet passport (if applicable): Some countries require pets to have a passport or international travel document.
Health check before going:
Take your pet for a general health check and get the necessary vaccinations at least a few weeks before shipping to ensure they are in the best shape for the journey.
Choose a suitable transport cage:
Cage size: The carrier must be large enough so that the pet can stand, sit, lie down and turn around comfortably.
Cage material: The cage should be made from sturdy material, have a safety lock door and enough ventilation holes to ensure ventilation.
Food and drink:
Prepare food and water: Make sure your pet has enough water