What You Need to Know When Importing Pets into South Korea

Moving and importing pets can be a daunting task for many pet owners when relocating to a new country like South Korea. This process requires thorough preparation and strict adherence to the destination country’s regulations. Below are key considerations when importing your pet into South Korea.

1. Prepare Health Documents

Prepare Health Documents
Prepare Health Documents


First and foremost, prepare necessary health documents for your pet. According to South Korean regulations, imported pets must have a health certificate from a veterinarian confirming they are vaccinated and free from infectious diseases. Ensure these documents are up-to-date and vaccinations are administered before entry.

2. Vaccination and Microchip Requirements

Vaccination and Microchip Requirements
Vaccination and Microchip Requirements

South Korea mandates pets to be vaccinated against rabies and other relevant diseases according to international vaccination schedules. Additionally, pets must be microchipped for identification purposes, facilitating easy tracking and identification.

3. Importation Paperwork

Before arrival, prepare all necessary paperwork for your pet. This includes health certificates, vaccination records, proof of microchipping, and owner details. Complete and organize these documents as required by South Korean authorities.

4. Regulations and Restrictions

South Korea has strict regulations concerning the care and movement of pets. Certain species may be prohibited from entry due to disease risks or other concerns. It is essential to thoroughly check the list of permitted and prohibited pet species before preparing importation documents.

5. Conditions and Environment for Pet Care

Lastly, research and prepare for suitable conditions and environments for your pet in South Korea. The country’s climate and environmental conditions may differ significantly from your home country, necessitating adjustments to ensure your pet’s health and comfort during adaptation.


Before deciding to bring your pet to South Korea, ensure you understand and prepare all necessary documentation thoroughly. Compliance with these regulations will not only help you avoid legal issues but also safeguard your pet’s health and prevent the spread of infectious diseases. Take the time to research and prepare adequately for a smooth and stress-free entry for both you and your pet.