International Pet Transport to HongKong

What is the transport service – import and export for pets?

Pet shipping is a transportation industry that deals with the transportation of animals, specifically pets, and often by plane. Unlike the transportation of livestock and poultry, which are normally transported by road, pets are a special item of interest to owners, so this service must have convenience. and pet comfort means corresponding prices. This service is a solution for sending “special goods” exclusively for individuals or organizations selling pets.

International Pet Transport to HongKong
International Pet Transport to HongKong

Why should you choose ASIAPATA as your pet carrier?

With a team of staff who have experience in raising pets and love them, we are confident to provide the best service for your pets. Having transported pets to places in Ho Chi Minh City and Vietnam as well as internationally such as Japan, Taiwan, China, etc., we guarantee that your pet will reach the destination quickly and accurately.
ASIAPATA – the leading animal and pet transporter in Vietnam.
Always operating with the motto “Give customers the most satisfied service”, with the following criteria:
  • Fast and delivery time.
  • Notify by SMS for recipients to actively receive pet.
  • Using high technology, synchronize customer data.
  • High security of data management system.
  • Customer care department is enthusiastic, ready to advise and support customers.
  • Preferential prices, save up to 50% compared to services of other units.
  • Multimodal transportation, there are many packages to choose from.
International Pet Transport to HongKong
International Pet Transport to HongKong

What information should you prepare for your pets ?  

In order to have a sucessful journey, you ought to understand the procedures and prepare carefully for your pets.

The pet’s informations such as

  • Their skin colour
  • Microchip number
  • Your pet’s date of birth and the origin
  • Health condition
  • Length, Height and Weight
  • Vaccination certificate and health certificate in 10-days validation.
  • Certificates of animal vaccination and quarantine, entry permits, and airline- and origin-required permits.
  • Pet cage according to IATA standards
  • Pet passport with some special countries

ASIAPATA’s reputable and quality pet transfer service 

  • For many years, we have been specialized in exporting and importing pets to and from Southeast Asia and all over the world, specializing in Hongkong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines,…
  • Our network covers over 135 countries worldwide. Our specialist team has the expertise and ability to manage and arrange your pets travel wherever the destination, combined with our own staff located in Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok,…
  • We are the preferred supplier of many businesses and individuals in the international transport of pets, we will surely satisfy you.
International Pet Transport to HongKong
International Pet Transport to HongKong

International Pet Transport With ASIAPATA

Bringing your dog or cat to an international destination isn’t always straightforward. Many pet import laws govern movement and all regulations must be followed in order for your pet to be admitted to the destination country. Pet transportation rules change frequently, especially during the global covid-19 pandemic. An experienced pet transportation company can help you meet your pet’s travel needs and ensure you and your pet have a great service experience.
 ASIAPATA is a pet transportation company with an unmatched country entry success rate of 100%. ASIAPATA has a no-harm policy and offers the most comprehensive and thoughtful travel service for pets. Contact ASIAPATA for more information on pet import regulations and a free pet travel quote.

Please contact us immediately so that your pet can experience the best service

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