Pet Transport from Hai Phong Office to New Taipei at ASIAPATA

Pet Transport from Hai Phong Office to New Taipei at ASIAPATA

Pet Transport from Hai Phong to New Taipei at ASIAPATA is a special service, aiming to bring safety and comfort to pets during international travel.
At ASIAPATA, we understand that pets are not just pets but also important members of your family.
Therefore, our service is designed to ensure that each journey goes smoothly and your pet is always taken care of.
With a professional team and strict transportation process, we are committed to providing the best experience, helping your pet arrive safely and healthily.
Pets allowed to be transported from Hai Phong to New Taipei
Pet Transport from Hai Phong Office to New Taipei at ASIAPATA
Pet Transport from Hai Phong Office to New Taipei at ASIAPATA

When transporting pets from Hai Phong to New Taipei via ASIAPATA’s service, the types of pets allowed to be transported include

Dogs: Popular dog breeds from small to large, provided they are fully vaccinated and have a valid health certificate.
Cats: All breeds of cats, from domestic cats to exotic cats, with similar requirements for vaccination and health certificates.
Pet birds: Some popular pet birds such as parrots, canaries, and starlings. These birds require an export permit and an animal quarantine certificate.
Small animals: Small animals such as rabbits, guinea pigs, and pet squirrels, if fully vaccinated and have a health certificate.
Reptiles and amphibians: Some reptiles and amphibians such as turtles, lizards, and pet frogs, provided they are not on the list of prohibited international transport and have the necessary permits.
ASIAPATA is committed to complying with international transportation regulations and ensuring the safety and comfort of pets throughout the journey. Each type of pet will receive special care to suit their individual needs.

Pet transportation process from Hai Phong office to New Taipei at ASIAPATA

The pet transportation process from Hai Phong office to New Taipei at ASIAPATA is carried out through the following steps:
1. Consulting and preparing documents
Initial consultation: Customers will be advised on the requirements and procedures necessary for international pet transportation.
Preparing documents: Including health certificates, vaccination records, export permits, and any special documents required by the country of entry.
2. Health check
Pet check: Pets will be taken to a veterinarian for a general health check and confirmation that they are fit to travel.
Vaccination and testing: Make sure your pet is fully vaccinated and has the necessary tests.
3. Schedule and prepare for transportation
Book a flight: Arrange a suitable flight for your pet, ensure enough space and care conditions throughout the journey.
Prepare a transport cage: Choose a transport cage suitable for the size and species of your pet, ensuring safety and comfort.
4. Domestic transportation
Transport from Hai Phong to the airport: Pets will be taken from the Hai Phong office to Noi Bai airport by specialized means, ensuring safety and comfort.
5. Airport procedures
Security check and check-in: Pets and transport cages will be checked for security and cleared for departure.
Pre-flight care: Pets will rest and be cared for in a special area before boarding the plane.
6. Flight and tracking
Tracking: ASIAPATA will monitor the entire flight to ensure that the pet is well cared for and arrives safely.
Status updates: Customers will be updated on the status and location of the pet throughout the journey.
7. Immigration procedures in New Taipei
Immigration check and procedures: Pets will be health checked and go through immigration procedures at New Taipei airport.
Handover to owner: After completing the procedures, the pet will be handed over to the owner or representative in New Taipei.
8. Post-transport support
Care support and advice: ASIAPATA will continue to support customers on pet care after transport, including health advice and care measures in the new locality.
ASIAPATA is committed to implementing a professional transportation process, ensuring maximum safety and comfort for pets, bringing peace of mind to owners.
Pet Transport from Hai Phong Office to New Taipei at ASIAPATA
Pet Transport from Hai Phong Office to New Taipei at ASIAPATA

Things to note when transporting pets from Hai Phong to New Taipei:
When transporting pets from Hai Phong to New Taipei, there are some important notes that you need to pay attention to to ensure the safety and comfort of your pet. Here are some points to note:
1. Prepare the necessary documents
Health certificate: Pets need to be examined by a veterinarian and have a valid health certificate.
Vaccination records: Make sure your pet has been fully vaccinated according to the requirements of the country of entry.
Export and import permits: Check and prepare the necessary permits for export from Vietnam and import to Taiwan.
2. Choose the right transport cage
Size and material: The transport cage must be suitable for the size of the pet, ensuring enough space for them to stand, lie down and turn their heads comfortably.
Safety and comfort: The cage must be sturdy, well-ventilated and have a safety lock. Add cushions or soft materials to make your pet feel comfortable.
3. Prepare your pet’s health and spirit
Food and water: Do not overfeed your pet before the flight to avoid discomfort. Make sure to provide enough water.
Get used to the carrier: Let your pet get used to the carrier before the trip to reduce stress.
4. Check and comply with airline regulations
Pet transport regulations: Each airline has its own regulations on transporting pets. You need to check and comply with these regulations.
Book in advance: Book your pet as early as possible to ensure there is enough space and prepare the necessary services.
5. Note the weather and flight conditions
Extreme weather: Avoid transporting pets on days when the weather is too hot or too cold, this can affect their health.
Flight conditions: Choose a less stressful flight time, avoid flights with too many stops or too long waiting time.
6. Prepare your pet
Create a sense of security: Place a familiar item such as a blanket or toy in the carrier to help your pet feel secure.
Stay calm and gentle: Avoid scaring your pet by staying calm and gentle when placing them in the carrier.
7. Monitor your pet’s health after arrival
Health check: After arriving in New Taipei, check your pet’s health to make sure they have no problems during the transportation.
Create a safe new environment: Make sure the new environment is safe and comfortable for your pet to quickly adapt.
Complying with the above notes will help the pet transportation process from Hai Phong to New Taipei go smoothly, ensuring the safety and health of your pet.

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