International Pet Delivery To Shanghai 2023

International Pet Delivery To Shanghai 2023.

International Pet Delivery To Shanghai 2023.

China’s most populated metropolis, Shanghai, has excellent transit options. Geographical advantages have considerably raised demand for transportation between Vietnam and China, particularly for pet services.

Would you like to transport your pets to Shanghai ?
You are confused by a lot of international pets transportation regulations , aren’t you ?

Shanghai is one of the few airports in China that accept pet transportation from overseas. If you are looking to transport your pets to Shanghai (China) , we are able to provide a comprehensive service with a lot of benefits such as door-to-door shipping, etc. In order to help you peace of mind while transporting pets , we will guide you every steps.

Our complete service includes 

With our professional staff and working process , there’re a lot of advantages while transporting with us such as 

  • Accurate and clear informations and price
  • Pet cage support with IATA standard
  • Pick up your pets at home and airport
  • pet import documents
  • Customs clear after arrival
Our complete service includes 
Our complete service includes


What should you prepare for your puppy before transporting ?

So as to have a success journey, the owner has to understand the information and carefully prepare for your pet :

  • Make sure that your pet is equiped microchip 
  • It is necessary to prepare enough food and water for pets within 24 hours.
  • Medical Book that is translated into English and Vietnamese
  • Certificate of animal quarantine
  • Certificate of full vaccination
  • The passport of owner and the pets
  • Certificate of blood test against rabies (optional)
  • Pet cages which can meet the IATA standard .
What should you prepare for your puppy before transporting ?
What should you prepare for your puppy before transporting ?

Regulations on cages for pets sent to Shanghai .

Pet cage is an compulsory object for your puppy while transporting to Shanghai. This cage has to meet the IATA standard to make sure for your pet’s safety.

  • Appropriate size : The carrier cage must have enough space for the pet to rotate normally when standing, for the pet to stand and sit upright, and to lie in a natural position.
  • Open to the outside : The transport cage must be adequately ventilated on at least three sides, of which the majority of ventilation is from the upper part of the transport cage.
  • It must have a tray for food and water : Can be fixed inside the transport cage or removable to add food and water from outside the transport cage.
  • Properly fixed : in order to prevent pets from escaping. 

Let’s contact us to get the information and finish the process .

Step 1: Contact us to get the information and price

Step 2: You provide detailed information about the goods to be charged for the service

Step 3: Receive goods at the customer’s address and complete the delivery procedure

Step 4: Our staff complete the procedures and ensure the goods arrive at your requested address. 

Let’s immediately contact us for the most thorough advice and get the best deals in 2023 !!!

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