Pet Transport Service from Ho Chi Minh to Kampot, Cambodia

Pet Transport Service from Ho Chi Minh to Kampot, Cambodia

Kampot is located in Southern Cambodia, approximately 60 kilometers from the Xa Xia border gate in Ha Tien City (Kien Giang). Besides its structures with classic French and Cambodian architecture, this destination is also loved for its clean and beautiful Kep Beach, the Bokor Mountain range, numerous temples, and waterfalls.

Recently, tourism in Kamport increasingly grew, with a huge number of tourist with long time journey. And with the owners with a demand to bring their pets traveling with them. Thereofre, moving pets internationally from Ho Chi Minh City to Kampot, Cambodia, requires careful planning and attention to detail to have smooth experience.

Pet Transport Service from Ho Chi Minh to Kampot, Cambodia

Preparation and Documentation

Veterinary Check-up
Before moving, schedule a visit to your veterinarian to ensure your pet is in good health.

  • Your pet may need vaccinations or treatments specific to Cambodia’s entry requirements.
  • Make sure to get a health certificate from your vet, as this is often required for international travel

Microchipping and Identification

  • Ensure your pet is microchipped and has up-to-date identification tags with your contact information.
  • Microchipping is a reliable way to track your pet and helps in case they get lost during the move.

Import Permits and Regulations

  • Check Cambodia’s import regulations for pets: an import permit, vaccinations, health certificates, and quarantine.
  • It’s essential to comply with all regulations to avoid any issues upon arrival.

Arrangements you need before the flight,

  • Book a direct flight from Ho Chi Minh City to Phnom Penh, the closest international airport to Kampot, to minimize travel time and stress for your pet.
  • Check the airline’s pet travel policies and ensure all requirements are met.

After the flight, 

  • Once you arrive in Kampot, help your pet settle into the new environment. Set up a comfortable space with their bed, toys, and familiar items to make them feel at home.
  • Find a local veterinarian in Kampot for an initial health check and to establish care for future needs. This is important for maintaining your pet’s health and well-being in their new home.

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