Transporting Pets To Thailand In Ho Chi Minh City

Service of transporting cats and dogs to Thailand in Ho Chi Minh City

Pets are a special commodity. Therefore, if you have a need to send pets to Thailand, you can find a reliable address that provides shipping services to Thailand in Ho Chi Minh City. In addition, there are a few other topics you need to know as follows:

Declare information about sending dogs and cats to Thailand at ASIAPATA

Pets are shipped to Thailand by air freight. Air freight has extremely strict regulations for transporting pets. Therefore, the responsibility of the shipper to Thailand in Ho Chi Minh City is:

Declare the courier pet information to Thailand

– Declare information about pets is very important when doing customs procedures. So what information do you need to declare? Basic information about pets when declaring includes:
  • Pet’s height
  • Pet weight
  • Pet breed or type (dog, cat, bird, etc.)
  • The origin
  • Male or female
  • Pet health status
Transporting Pets To Thailand In Ho Chi Minh City
Transporting Pets To Thailand In Ho Chi Minh City

Pet recipient information

– Thai Customs checks the pet recipient’s information for the purpose of confirming that the recipient is capable of taking care of and keeping the pet. The sender fully and truthfully declares the following information:
  • Contact phone number
  • Home address
  • Passport photo of the recipient

Procedures and documents for sending cats and dogs to Thailand at ASIAPATA

If you do not have all the documents to carry out the procedures for transporting goods to Thailand in Ho Chi Minh, the pet will not be granted customs clearance. For each type of item, customs require different documents.
Pet items that require documents are:
  • Certificate of Animal Quarantine
  • Certificate of full vaccination
  • Certificate of vaccination against rabies
  • Medical examination and health monitoring book in Vietnamese and English
  • Pet visa is valid for 10 days
Transporting Pets To Thailand In Ho Chi Minh City
Transporting Pets To Thailand In Ho Chi Minh City

Health certificate

Only pet dogs and cats that are healthy and free from disease are permitted to enter Thailand. You will have to furnish an animal health certificate that has been endorsed by your vet and a full-time authorised official of the government of the country of export. The health certificate must clearly state that the pet dog or cat is healthy and fit to travel. Vaccination, identification and ownership details must be recorded on the health certificate.

The health certificate is valid for ten days from the date of issue, and so it important that you arrive in Thailand with your pet within ten days after endorsement.

Rabies vaccination

If your pet dog or cat has lived in a country that is free from rabies for at least 12 months, they do not require a rabies vaccination to enter Thailand. However, since Thailand is not a rabies-free country, it is recommended to vaccinate your pet for rabies before travelling. The vaccination will protect your pet as well as make it easier when you return from Thailand.

Transporting Pets To Thailand In Ho Chi Minh City

Transporting Pets To Thailand In Ho Chi Minh City

Pet transport to Thailand

Pets flying to Thailand have to fulfil a set of complex import requirements to be allowed entry into the country. It is recommended to take the services of an accredited pet travel agency to help with the pet transport because these requirements can sometimes change without notice.

If you are planning to move to Thailand with your pet dog or cat, contact us at ASIAPATA for detailed pet travel advice.

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