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Things to know about bringing dogs and cats on a plane

Flying a dog has never been easier than it is today. Many of you often ask questions such as “can cats and dogs go on a plane”, “can I bring a dog on a plane”… don’t worry! Because now there is a service to bring the dog on the plane and sit next to the owner. You need the following documents to be quarantined for exiting dogs and cats at the Animal Quarantine Agencies of the Vietnam Department of Animal Health.

Procedures for dogs and cats to leave or go by plane

  • Declaration for making Certificate of Animal Quarantine.
  • Health book including rabies vaccination for dogs. Label the Veterinarian to sign and clearly state the name and date of injection. Dogs must be vaccinated against rabies 30 days in advance. And the expiry date is less than 12 months until the date the pet leaves the country.
  • A copy of the front page of the passport of the person bringing the dog or cat.
Instructions on how to do the paperwork for your dog on the plane
Instructions on how to do the paperwork for your pet on the plane

Apply for a quarantine certificate for your dog to fly on the plane

It should be noted that rabies vaccination must be administered at state-marked places to be accepted. Injections in wards, or veterinary stations. If rabies vaccination is given at the clinic, a copy of the practicing license of the injecting doctor is required.

Some other required documents

– After making the declaration, the Animal Quarantine Officer checks the health of the dogs and cats that go out. The duration of vaccination for dogs is still valid for immunity. Comparing the description of dogs and cats exporting or checking the Microchip number… will issue an “animal quarantine certificate”. Some EU countries also require serological testing of dogs and cats to determine the levels of immune antibodies against rabies. Must meet the standard of 0.5 UI/1ml of serum or more to be allowed to enter their country.
– Some countries that import dogs and cats have their own regulations on isolation and quarantine such as: UK, Australia, New Zealand. Dog and cat owners need to inform the Vietnamese animal quarantine officer in advance of their request. The declaration and quarantine procedures for dogs traveling by plane need 10 days before departure. Dog and cat health book with full name of owner. Animal name and description, ear number or Microchip number.
– Certificate of animal quarantine issued by the Department of Animal Health of Vietnam. Certified date of rabies vaccination. Coming from an area with no rabies outbreak in the last 12 months. Anti-rabies antibody test results. Based on the blood sample sent by the veterinarian. Test results according to UK standards. Must reach 0.5 UI anti-rabies antibody or more/1ml of serum to meet the requirement of immunity.
Instructions on how to do the paperwork for your pet on the plane
Instructions on how to do the paperwork for your pet on the plane

Register for the service, buy air tickets

First note, the dog must be over 10 weeks old and have been vaccinated for rabies. Once you have determined the date and time to fly, you should call the airline to book a service to bring your dog to the cabin. When you go, bring your vaccination and rabies book. Measure the size of the air carrier cage to notify the airline to arrange a place for the pet.

Bringing cats and dogs to the airport

On the day of flight, bring your pet to check in 2 hours before and present the necessary documents to the airline.
Pay the pet fee to board the plane. Then through security, they will check the pet again. If you pass through security, you and your pet can board the plane.

Instructions on how to do the paperwork for your pet on the plane
Instructions on how to do the paperwork for your pet on the plane

There are a total of 3 ways to transport cats and dogs abroad:

  • Sitting in the cabin with the owner: This method only applies to small pets. Can fit in a basket at the foot of a chair. Conditions for traveling in the cabin with the owner depend on the airlines with their regulations on the size and number of kilograms allowed.
  • Flying with the owner in the form of a check-in: For large dogs who cannot sit in the cabin but the owner wants them to fly on the same flight as the owner. The cost is also cheaper than sending cargo.
  • Send cargo: the dog and cat transport service will take care of all procedures and papers from A – Z. Then the pet will be transported by Cargo air. And you just need to go to the airport to bring the dog home. Cost depends on breed, weight and destination country.

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