Cage and animal hair specifications for air transportation

Cage and animal hair specifications for air transportation

Cage and animal hair specifications for air transportation.

Moving Pet, Cat, and Aviation Cages The needs of both pet dogs and airlines are catered for in canine and feline cages. You don’t have to worry about the dog being able to be seeped out when canines are transported in the form of consignment because the transport cage is safe, tightly locked, and has the ventilation the dog needs to breathe.

Would you like to transport your pets via air ?

You are looking for a reputable and stable international pets transportation , aren’t you ?

With our experience in the market, Asia Pata proudly provide one of the most professional services for your pets . If you are cofused by a lot of information about the pet’s cage policy, we will gather all information and give it to you .

Plastic cages for transporting cats and dogs.

The lock on this dog and cat cage has a unique design that makes it both easy to use and highly robust for the pet. You can gently open it without exerting too much effort. For your convenience, there is a water bottle outside the cage for dogs to use while flying, so you won’t have to spend as much time observing your canine companion any more.

Plastic cages for transporting cats and dogs.
Plastic cages for transporting cats and dogs.

Features of the plastic pet transport chapter include :

– Cage made of high quality plastic material, durable, no strange smell, specialized for transporting cats and dogs by air.
– Stainless steel cage door. No harm to your pet.
– Strong buckle, make sure your pet is safe inside the cage and does not escape.
– Anti-scratch surface ensures your cage is durable over time
– Ventilated face design, breathable to help babies feel comfortable during transportation.
– The cage bottom pad is easy to add a mat to absorb waste water, avoiding the waste water coming into contact with the pet during transportation.
– Easy to disassemble to clean the cage and fold when not in use
– Suitable for air transport standards by plane, train, car,…
Features of the plastic pet transport chapter include :
Features of the plastic pet transport chapter include :

Requirements of the International Air Transport Association IATA.

  • The size of the cage must be suitable for the pet. They must be able to stand.
  • The appropriate cage size is 30% larger than the animal’s size.
  • The cage body has windows to ensure ventilation for the pet.
  • Has a handle with a safe distance.
  • Screws used to fix the barn must be in the form of screws and screwed for safety.
  • If your cage is longer than 60cm, there must be a minimum of two bolts on each side. Cage straps are not accepted to secure the cage.
  • The cage must have a compartment for pet food and drink.
  • The cage must be equipped with a safety lock system with a strong latch lock.
  • There must be a cage door for the animal to get in and out of.
  • The bottom of the cage is made of waterproof material and must have absorbent material where the pet is located.

There’re a lot of advantages when using our service.

As a reputable shipping company with a clear motto of customer service. We are committed to bringing you satisfaction in the following criteria :

  • Pick up and deliver your pet anywhere in the world
  • Support 24/7
  • Professional and friendly staffs
  • Provide approved flight carriers of all sizes
  • Prepare all domestic and international documentation and endorsements, including consulate validation where needed
  • Arrange for veterinary services such as health exams, blood sampling and certificates, and implanting of microchips for identification
  • Ensure airport assistance such as pre-flight and destination boarding
  • Secure comfortable boarding accommodations
  • Organize take care for your pet in any location.

What should you prepare while transporting pets abroad. 

In order to make sure that your pet travels safely, there are some rules and regulations that you need to follow and prepare for your pets :

  • Please prepare carefully your pet’s informations for transportation procedures.
  • Health certificate and valid rabies vaccination.
  • Pet carrier cage size
  • Prepare informations about pet weight and and cage weight
  • Vietnamese Government health certificate
  • Vietnamese Government export permit

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