Observations for flying with pets

Dịch vụ gửi thú cưng đi Đức nhanh chóng

Observations for flying with pets.

Many clients who travel domestically or abroad want to bring their dogs with them. Even though the process is rather straightforward, not everyone can comprehend it. You can read about our quick and convenient pet air travel experience below.

Would you like to transport your pets from Vietnam to other countries ?

You are searching about international pets transportation regulations , aren’t you ?

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Guidelines and procedures for flying with pets.

So as to have a safe and sucessful journey for your pets, you should carefully prepare a number of necessary procedures in advance, including: quarantine certificate, exit, entry or transit permit, vaccination book.

  1. Prepare a pet cage with a waterproof design. For long journeys, you should prepare food and water for your pet.
  2. Customers book air tickets as usual, but need to buy more checked baggage.
  3. You should note that the pet’s health certificate is only valid for 24 hours to avoid ineligibility.
  4. Enter the complete information required by the airline, wait to see if the airline accepts to transport pets by plane. Customers note, you will have to accept all risks, including injury or death of your pet during transportation.
  5. Bring your pet and necessary items early to do the check-in procedures.
  6. Pick up your pet at the consignment area after the flight ends.
Guidelines and procedures for flying with pets.
Guidelines and procedures for flying with pets.

Experience of taking pets on a plane.

  • Air transport of pets is only available for pets with a quarantine certificate issued by the veterinary department where you reside.
  • Pets must have vaccination records.
  • The way to transport pets by plane requires many procedures, so you should be there early before you fly to register for procedures and pay fees.
    With experience bringing cats or other animals abroad, you need to get a pet visa. For this form, you need to contact the Embassy for more advice on pet entry procedures.

We can offer a lot of services for you .

In order to deliver a polished and comprehensive service, we always serve the customer with a lot of advantages such as :

  • Accurate and clear informations and price
  • Pet cage support with IATA standard
  • Pick up your pets at home and airport
  • Pet import document
  • Customs clear after arrival
We can offer a lot of services for your pets .
We can offer a lot of services for your pets .

Our complete working process includes.

Step 1: Contact us to get the information and price

Step 2: You provide detailed information about the goods to be charged for the service

Step 3: Receive goods at the customer’s address and complete the delivery procedure

Step 4: Our staff complete the procedures and ensure the goods arrive at your requested address.

What documents do you need to prepare ?

Pets are now considered citizens with a lot of priority in terms of policy howevert there are still some special regulations for them. You can get in touch with us to acquire all the details you need to make a successful journey.

  • Your pet’s height , weight and length
  • Their type and origin
  • Medical Book that is translated into English and Vietnamese
  • Certificate of Animal Quarantine
  • Certificate of full vaccination
  • The passport of owner and the pets
  • Certificate of blood test against rabies (optional)

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